Engaging AudiencesBrand-Shaped Culture

From the creation of your company’s mission statement and messaging framework, to the development of a visual creative identify to complement these characteristics and driving values, TL Marketing will develop a brand profile which identifies the role your company should play, and the story it should tell in order to win over those you wish to influence.

Strategic Planning Services



We begin the development of every brand strategy with research and analysis to obtain a firm understanding of your own identity and values, and the competitive landscape, which in turn helps us to create a relevant, unique and clearly articulated brand profile for you.

Identifying Audiences

Through audience testing, qualitative and quantitative research TL Marketing develop unique customer profiles to help you more easily recognise, segment, and attract the target audiences that are most relevant for your brand.

Messaging Framework

We work with you to develop key company messaging which demonstrates the distinctive role that positions what you do, in a way that makes sense to those you wish to influence. Your messaging framework ultimately guides the development of messages for your marketing communications.

Brand Profile

The overall result includes a brand model that incorporates your brand positioning, role and core proposition, as well as specific activities, resources, timelines and costs that are required to position your company effectively to achieve your objectives.

Visual Ideation

With our in-house graphic designer, TL Marketing can take your text-based mission statement and brand profile and translate it into a visual concept. From company logo, through to marketing collateral, we can communicate and enhance your overall brand personality, goals and values through solid visual imagery.


As part of our research and recommendations, we also look at the publicly available information on featured company executives and company website and social channels, to ensure all employees and marketing channels are reflecting the brand positively.