Media Buying

One of the largest obstacles for companies when it comes to advertising is the cost of placing an ad in a paper or scheduling radio ads. Due to the fact that TL Marketing is an outsourced marketing services company we can negotiate far more favourable advertising rates based on the fact that we buy for multiple clients such as Sunway Holidays and the Institute of Technology in Tallaght. Over the years we have built up a substantial database of media contacts throughout a variety of media sectors such as print, radio, TV and online. This has the obvious advantage of enabling us to secure reduced rates but it also means that we get last minute notices for high value ad space cancellations and competitions which are hugely discounted and we can then allocate them out to our clients.

We have secured media partners for various clients for specific campaigns where our clients have benefited from over €15,000 worth of free advertising space for the event.

TL Marketing’s media buying abilities would be one of the most financially beneficial services for our clients and it is incorporated into most of our consultancy and outsourced marketing services packages.