Graphic Design

TL Marketing love all things creative which is why we have a special interest and passion for graphic design. There is no greater pleasure then seeing a brochure we have created from scratch for a client, printed and in distribution. We can manage all of your creative requirements needs be it brochures, Ad Copy, Flyers, Poster or Marketing and Branding Collateral such as company logos.

Our inhouse graphic designer is genuinely gifted and incorporates her intuitive sense of what works visually with the specific requirements of each client to produce eye catching and impacting end products. We are confident that visually we can deliver on any project but our initial focus is on getting an accurate brief from the client on what they want each item to achieve and what message they want to deliver. This involves an in depth initial discussion with the client followed by regular updates to ensure the project is progressing along the right lines and that they are pleased with the end result.

In the situation where a client already has a preferred graphic designer we can also work directly with them to deliver a comprehensive and detailed brief based on the requirements of the particular piece of artwork. Due to the fact that we have a strong understanding of the process, terminology and stages involved in creating art work the integration with a new graphic designer is pretty seamless.