A bit about Laura Nolan

Having come from a farming background in Mayo my career choices were simple…anything but farming! Having an aptitude for all things business when I was in school I choose to go down that route in college and soon gravitated towards the marketing discipline of it through a love of its creative nature. On completing my BBS degree in 2005 I embarked my first travel adventure and moved to Sharjah in the UAE to teach for 2 years. This was a phenomenal experience and was also a fantastic platform to continue travelling to and experiencing countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia to name a few.

When I returned home I began working with Hewlett Packard in Galway as an Order Operations Executive which involved processing orders for courseware and liaising with clients, manufacturing, distribution and the third party delivery companies  to ensure the efficient and accurate completion of orders globally. I also worked for a time in GoPlay, a playground design and installation company based in Galway, as a Sales & Marketing Assistant.

I then decided to return to college to do a Higher Diploma in Marketing Practice as I was eager to develop my skills set. This year involved a 9 month placement in Delphi Mountain Resort, a four star hotel and spa with an adventure centre located in Connemara. I achieved a 1.1 result on completion of the year and subsequently stayed with Delphi for a total of 3 ½ years. During my time there I gained an invaluable amount of experience across all areas of the marketing mix including website management and SEO, PR, Social Media, Copywriting, Advert and Marketing Collateral creation and event coordination. I was heavily involved in the development of the marketing strategy and had sole responsibility for its implementation as I reported directly to the Managing Director.

Eventually the travel bug struck again and I continued my travels to Australia where I spent an amazing year and worked in areas such as recruitment and entertainment with Foxtel, but the lure of home was strong and I decided to return and seek my fortune! Hence, I am now with TL Marketing, an energetic Marketing Consultancy company where I look forward to further developing my career.

My strengths lie in my ability to adapt to any work environment and consistently deliver an exceptional standard of work, within agreed timeframes and with my uniquely innovative and creative flair.